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Managed Accessory And Apparel Production In China

We Manage Your Production, Assure Quality, Handle Communication Between All Parties, And Deliver Your Products On Time.


Why Choose A Service To Manage Your Apparel Production Management In China?

Many small to medium size brands, licensees, and importers of apparel and accessories will benefit from producing their goods in China due to its great infrastructure, low production costs, and your ability to increase profit margins.


Common challenges facing them in China are:

  • Language barrier
  • Distance
  • Lack of relationship with the ‘right’ manufacturing partners
  • High MOQs
  • Difficulty of doing QC
  • Trust

The above are pitfalls which can lead to you receiving sub-standard goods, losing money, time, or both; all of which damage your business.

This is where partnering with HC Accessories and leveraging our China manufacturing and QC experience, and long-standing relationships with some of the best local accessory and apparel manufacturing partners, will help you take advantage of China’s benefits, while avoiding common problems.

From helping you choose the right materials, producing samples, relationships and communication with manufacturers, quality control and shipping; we are with you every step of the way.


What Our Project Management Looks Like

Our China-based bilingual team removes the communication barrier that can exist between brands & manufacturers in China, and we have direct contact with carefully selected accessory and apparel manufacturers from the first day that we work on your project.

We subsequently pass every product through our tried-and-tested Quality Assurance system ensuring that your accessories and apparel reach your customers' expectations, and that production flows as it should, minimizing errors and delays.

Our full-service Project Management covers the 4 most important elements of getting your clothing made in China:

  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Communication
  • Favorable Negotiation
  • Relationships

Quality Assurance

Product quality is everything. All production projects that we handle adhere to our Quality Assurance system, developed over several years, in order to ensure that your accessories or apparel are made precisely according to your vision.

We use an extremely detailed spec sheet, which is adjusted and updated throughout the process. Everything is translated and double-confirmed with the factory (in Chinese), and with our clients (in English). By having continuous communication and approval from all sides, we make sure that all stages of the production are done right and prevent unnecessary errors and mistakes from happening.

In each phase of the production (from prototype through samples and full bulk production), the product is reviewed and checked on location, against our stringent QA checklists and its spec sheet. This way, the timeline can be followed, we prevent errors from delaying production, and we can make corrections early on in the process.



Our bilingual team has a deep understanding of China's language and business culture, and so can accurately and efficiently communicate with both our manufacturers and clients. This means that your project is in good hands and we take care of the daily and weekly communication needed between two parties that are often on the other side of the world.

We don’t just make phone calls and we don’t just pass information along through several hands — we are on location, daily, and have an ongoing conversation with our manufacturing partners to make sure the project is coming along correctly.

You are always kept up-to-date on important deadlines, timeline, status of production, sample orders, prototyping, and all other stages involved; we also take responsibility for your products to be made right and delivered in time for trade shows, sales, and distribution. At the same time our manufacturing partners prefer to work directly with us, because we make it easier and quicker for all parties involved to get the project done.

Language & Culture

Our team is fluent in Mandarin and English and understand not just the Chinese culture in general but also the business culture. You can also trust that we are able to form and maintain optimal relationships with the suppliers, as we handle all translations. You won’t miss any opportunities with negotiation, choosing the right materials, and producing samples.

Favorable Negotiation

Our clients have an advocate on the ground in China to get the project done. Our established supplier relationships put you in the best possible position to negotiate on production timeline and the many costs involved.

Through us you’ll benefit from favorable negotiation opportunities, choosing the right materials, producing samples, and benefiting from lower MOQs than you might otherwise enjoy.

Manufacturing Partners

With strong communication and understanding between us and our manufacturing partners, we have excellent relationships. We have spent years building a network of trusted local accessory and apparel production partners, who are consistent in quality and delivery. Our clients are reaping the benefits of our presence on the ground, in China, which shows itself in keeping deadlines, ensuring accurate production of prototypes, samples, and the final product.

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